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Jason's Weekly Descramble 12.15.23

Good Afternoon Arlington Ridge!

I hope everyone is having a great week and everyone is getting ready for the Holiday Season…

We had another successful week at Arlington Ridge Golf Club. We had a Christmas Party everyday in the F&B Department and each one was successful and already have had two (2) parties rebook for next Holiday Season. We continue to make significant progress in the F&B area, and you will continue to see more changes in the next few weeks.

We had our first F&B Advisory Board meeting this week and I felt like it was a successful meeting. I learned a lot from the past and how we can fix items for the future. I’m very excited as our new F&B Manager Kellie Galligan will be starting next Tuesday and from the discussions her and I have had I’m very excited about the future. I’m currently working on the new menu and would like to have this put in place within the first couple weeks of 2024. I’m also working on special evenings and having certain dinner nights such as:

· Burger Nights
· Taco Evenings
· Friday Fish Fry
· Prime Rib Dinner
· Pasta Night
· Etc

Stay tuned in the next few weeks as I would like to get these items started very soon. Also, I’m still learning a lot in the process that will make us better and the Troon TEAM has been great in helping me with getting things done faster. The payroll team, accounting team, IT team, etc. has been there immediately to make sure we are successful. Please keep supporting us as I see us getting better everyday and I know the future.

I will also have the $25.00 social membership issue fixed by end of next week and the Trivia signup has been updated. We shouldn’t have any other issues with sign up.

The Golf Course continues to get better daily as well. We put out another fertilize treatment this week and when we start getting some sunshine and warmer weather this golf course is going to strive. You are going to see some wonderful growth. We did finish 10 & 11 this week with the potholes, and we have more sand arriving next week and plan on finishing 13, 14 & 16 next week. This is a slow process, so the TEAM can do this project properly. Please keep watching weekly for some more changes.

Next week the Maintenance TEAM will be needle tinning the greens to continue putting oxygen in the root system and this will be followed by a light top-dress on Monday. They are also focusing on the weed control and continuing to work on all areas we need to look better. I’m excited to see the conditions when we warm up and the future of the Golf Course.

We did receive 20 rental carts this week and this will help us as we continue to get busy with outside play and the word on the street is the conditions are getting better and I keep booking events. I currently booked two (2) events this week.

Make sure you stop by the Golf Shop and get all your Holiday gifts as we are running a 30% sale until the end of the month and before we get new items in the Golf Shop. Adidas is getting ordered and we will have some new Greg Norman product coming in as well… If you’re looking for new clubs this year, I have scheduled a Fitting Day with Taylor Made Golf on February 1st from 12:00 to 4:00 sign up will be going out next week and the new equipment looks great.

Also, I will be sending out the 2024 Golf Schedule out next week and I’m very excited about the Member Golf Schedule. We will make sure it’s the best year of events you’ve had… The exciting part is the New “four (4) majors” for the members this year.

Once again thanks for all your support and I truly am excited about the future at Arlington Ridge Golf Club as I see us getting better each day.

If anyone has any questions, I’m also available to help when here.


Jason R DeWildt | General Manager

jason.dewildt@arlingtonridgegolfclub.com | 352.765.8001