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Jason's Weekly Descramble 2.2.24

Good afternoon Arlington Ridge,

Hopefully everyone is having a great week and have enjoyed the sunshine this week!!

The Golf course had another successful week as the team continues to make strides in some areas. The sunshine is great and helps with growth. We did put a lot of fertilizer down this week, as we are preparing for the 1 to 2 inches of rain that is forecasted for Sunday. Starting Sunday, we are going to close the Putting Green for a week so we can work on this, and try to get it back in the conditions I want it to be in. Please use the chipping green, and when we reopen the putting green, we will shut the chipping green down to do the same process to this green. We also will try to do a very light top dressing on Monday depending on weather, if we can’t top-dress Monday, we will do this process on Tuesday. Besides that, we will continue to work on the tree cutting and other practices that we need to do to get this Golf Course in the conditions we all want.

I want to thank everyone that signed up for the Taylor Made fitting and heard everyone had a good time and we will set up another one soon, so please look for this and sign up. Also, I hope everyone likes the new Merchandise and has had a chance to look at it.

Please remember to sign up for the following events:

· February 10th – Mixed Couples – 8:30 Shotgun

· February 17th – Veteran’s Memorial Tournament – 8:30 Shotgun

· February 23rd,24th & 25th – Club Championship – 8:30 Shotguns

Congratulations to the Interclub team for getting another win this week and have a chance next week to gain another win to move on to the playoffs. Let’s go to Mission Inn and get another victory next week.

First, I want to thank everyone for the support in the Restaurant the past few weeks since the new menu came out. We’ve seen some very successful days and I know that more days are ahead of us.

I want everyone who has questions on the recent health inspection to know that I’ve put in place a very strong corrective action plan to get these items fixed. Also, in order to put together a plan that the kitchen will stay moving forward. I’m 1000% committed to get this corrected and will continue to work with the team so they understand the procedures and will also make sure they follow them. They are still getting use to the “cultural changes” that I’ve made, and we will have the correct staff and correct plans moving forward. Also, moving forward we will be closing the restaurant every Monday and will have no food available. The Bar will stay open until 4:00 pm. We will be using this time to have continued training and cleaning.

With all of that said we truly appreciate all the support, and we are going to thrive daily. We need to make sure everyone is happy. Please see the specials for next week:

· Tuesday – 2.6 – Lunch – Chicken Flatbread $12.95 – Dinner – Beef Stroganoff - $17.95

· Wednesday – 2.7 – Lunch – French Dip - $13.95 – Dinner – Fried Chicken Dinner - $18.95

· Thursday – 2.8 – Lunch – Greek Salad - $12.95 – Dinner – Mexican Night Steak or Chicken Fajitas - $18.95

· Friday - 2.9 – Lunch – Roast Beef Sandwich $13.95 – Dinner – Fish Fry $19.95

· Saturday – 2.10 – Lunch Pulled Pork Sandwich – Dinner – Prime Rib $28.95

· Sunday – 2.11 – Chicken Waffles - $13.95

Please make reservations as it will make it easier to have a table for you, as we’ve had a lot of walk-ins. We want to make sure everyone enjoys these specials and have a nice enjoyable time. We are so excited about the number of reservations we get for Trivia night, and it sells out very fast. We do have 20 seats a night on the patio, and I know the weather hasn’t been great, but we must keep the number of people inside to the occupancy number.

Once again, we appreciate all the support, and appreciate all the wonderful feedback. Please keep supporting us and I will get these items fixed and we will be successful.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Have a great weekend…

Jason R DeWildt | General Manager

jason.dewildt@arlingtonridgegolfclub.com | 352.765.8001