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Jason's Weekly De-Scramble 6.28.24

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is having a great week and has had a chance to get out and see the golf course.

It was another great week on the golf course, as each day we can see improvement and positive growth in all areas. We had a great verdict on greens this past Monday. The team put another fertilize application down this week on the tees and fairways. We also have started working on some of the areas where we took out the cordgrass and put out some flowers and a few Magnolia Tree’s this week. This will help us with the aesthetic looks for the golf course as this is another area we will start looking at as well.

If you’ve had the chance to play this week you can see that the weeds are dying, and areas are getting better each day. We will do another application with the book sprayer this up coming week as our goal is to maintain the weed control and hopefully eliminate them. We will also do a light top-dress next Monday, as we continue to work on the greens and have better conditions as well as better growth.

I know I’ve been begging for rain as we were in a bad drought, and I received my wish as we received close to 3 inches of rain this week.

Each day I ride the course, I’m very excited in the direction we are heading and the positive growth we have. We also had another visit from our Vice President of Science & Agronomy on property again this week and he stated the same things… He has seen great strides since his last visit and gave us some different prospectives to continue to make sure we get this golf course heading in the correct direction. As I’ve said numerous times, we are 100% committed to making this golf course a better property with more consistent conditions. Please continue to let us know what you think, and I look forward to this positive run we are currently on…

Please make sure you stop in the Golf Shop and check out the great sales we have as we continue to try to push some of the older product out. We look forward to new products arriving and everyone wearing the Arlington Ridge logo.

There are two days left to sign up for the July 4th – Red, White, and Blue event that will start at 8:00 am, with a shotgun start. Currently we have 98 players and hoping to see that grow the next few days.

We will have sign up starting next week for the August’s Event!!

F&B had a very good week as we had some nice luncheons. In addition, last night’s Asian Dinner was another successful evening. We appreciate all the support from everyone as we continue to grow in all areas in the F&B Department and continue to make positive changes.

Please see the specials for next week:

· Tuesday – July 2nd – Lunch – Turkey Reuben - $12.95 – Dinner – Chicken Pot Pie - $16.95

· Wednesday – July 3rd – Lunch – Fried Calamari - $12.95 – Dinner – Closed

· Thursday – July 4th – Lunch – Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Cole Slaw and Watermelon - $15.00 – Dinner – We are closing at 5:00 due to Holiday.

· Friday – July 5th – Lunch – BBQ Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwich - $12.95 – Dinner – Fish & Chips - $19.95

· Saturday – July 6th – Lunch – Egg Salad Wrap - $12.95 – Dinner – Prime Rib Night - $28.95

· Sunday – July 7th – Breakfast – Meat Lover Omelet, home fries and toast - $12.95

Another week of great specials, and we really hope to see everyone come and support us.

Also please come out on Thursday, July 4th as we will be grilling Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and will have sides well. We will set up a bar as well from 12:00 to 3:00 so come and have a nice meal… Also, we will not serve dinner that evening due to the Holiday and hopefully we will see a lot of support during the afternoon.

Overall, another successful week as things are starting to make great changes. We are continuing to head in the correct direction in all areas. Please keep supporting us as we continue to strive for greatness at Arlington Ridge Golf Club.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Jason R. DeWildt – PGA | General Manager

jason.dewildt@arlingtonridgegolfclub.com | 352.765.8001