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Jason's Weekly De-Scramble 5.24.24

Good afternoon,

Hope everyone is having a great week and getting ready for a nice Memorial Day weekend…

We had a very productive week working on the Golf Course as we continue to improve our daily practices and maintenance. This week we finished with our 1st aerification for the summer. It came out very nicely, as the greens got some great oxygen and fertilization. As you can see, we are staying on top of all the weeds as fast and as much as we can, while trying very diligently to eliminate them. Our new spray tech has been a great addition to the team and will continue to keep at it daily.

Next week we have numerous plans to keep working on the golf course and making it better each day. We will begin aerifiying the tee boxes next week. After we finish, we will start to move to the fairways and roughs to push for healthier turf on a daily basis. Also, with all this work being done, we are going to take most of the ropes down, for the time being, to make it easier on the team to complete all the projects they have. Please try to follow the same cart traffic patterns as if the ropes were still up as this will continue to help the turf.

As I continue to say weekly, we are committed to making sure we get the Golf Course in better shape. Hopeful everyone has had a chance to see the new signage going to 12th tee and coming off the 16th green. We’ve also added some new stop signage on some holes and will be putting more out to make sure everyone is safe while crossing the streets.

Please put on you calendar June 17th will be our next Aerification for the greens…

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to stop by the Golf Shop and see if we have anything in your size and take advantage of the 35% off sale we are currently running. I would like to try to push a lot of this older merchandise out as we have new merchandise coming in very shortly. We are very excited for the new product.

Please sign up for the following events:

· June 1st – ARGC Woman’s Day – 8:30 am Shotgun

· June 6th – ARGC Par 3 Challenge – 8:00 am Shotgun

I hope everyone is enjoying teeing off earlier and beating the heat as summer is now in full swing. Please keep signing up for all the games during the week…

The F&B Department had another outstanding week as we continue to thrive towards our goals and continue to have a prosperous month. We continue to work with all team members and make sure they understand their daily tasks as well as our goals. The team continues to get better each day and we are determined to keep working with them as we continue to grow.

The team is excited about hosting the Memorial Day Luncheon on Monday, May 27th. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so on the Arlington Ridge Golf Course website and pick out what you would like for lunch.

We will have one change in the F&B Department starting in June. On Wednesdays, the Tavern & Restaurant will only be open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are doing this as this day has been repeatedly our slowest day of the week. This will help us with numerous areas to make sure we continue to grow, while avoiding loss.

Please see our specials for next week:

· Tuesday – May 28th – Lunch – Grilled Cheese with Ham & Bacon - $12.95 – Dinner – Chicken Pot Pie - $16.95

· Wednesday – May 29th – Lunch – Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap - $12.95 – Dinner – Pot Roast & Mashed Potatoes - $18.95

· Thursday – May 30th – Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap - $12.95 – Dinner – Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Conch Fritters & Fried Plantain’s - $19.95

· Friday – May 31st – Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - $12.95 – Dinner – Fried Seafood Platter (calamari, grouper, shrimp) - $20.95

· Saturday – June 1st – BLT Sandwich - $12.95 – Dinner – Surf & Turf - $32.95

· Sunday – June 2nd – Blueberry Pancakes & side - $10.95

Another great week of specials that Chef Eric has come out with.

Please show up and support the final week of May. If you can, please call and make reservations, so we have a table ready for you when you arrive.

I’m very pleased with the changes and direction this property is heading in, as I’ve seen a lot of positive growth in all areas. We can all expect more as we keep growing and getting better. Please continue to support us and help make this the best community in Lake County.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! We hope to see everyone soon!!


Jason R. DeWildt – PGA | General Manager

jason.dewildt@arlingtonridgegolfclub.com | 352.765.8001