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  • Spin and rake bunkers-daily
  • Set-up daily, changing cups and moving tee-markers, empty trash
  • Greens foliar program-Spray greens every week with liquid fertilizer, with fungicide apps every other week
  • Driving Range Tee-mow driving range tee on Mondays and Thursdays, along with target greens

Current Projects

  • Begin mowing fairways-the fairways are beginning to fill back in the warmer weather (The weather has dropped significantly mid 40’s at night, inhibits Bermuda growth)
  • Continue to control poa and broadleaf (areas are getting smaller and more concentrated)
  • We have relieved some of the roped areas, traffic has begun immediately in those areas.
  • Continue research and data gathering for cart path improvements-presented and awaiting approval from the board
  • Measure weak areas for sod and/or sprigs-applied for account at a local turf farm for small orders of turf in small patchy areas, waiting for approval. This will make an immediate impact in those areas.
  • We began edging bunker faces
  • Ongoing irrigation auditing

Completed Projects from Previous Week:

  • Spiked eroding areas with large pull behind spiker such as greenside complexes and rough areas. We’ve added a pull behind roller attachment to our front-end loader to smooth out spiked and top-dressed greenside areas, such as 10 green. With traffic/play permitting. This is a high occupancy area.
  • We will begin applying a foliar nitrogen source to the fairways,28-0-0 to increase growth. Weather permitting


The turf has slowed down with a 2-week colder weather pattern, warmer temperatures are coming at the end of this week. We will add another application of pigment on some of the weaker fairways.

We are busy detailing the course and building new tee markers for the member-member to held March 30th thru April 2nd.